Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs):

What happens during a voice lesson?
A typical lesson is like studying any other instrument…with part of the lesson time devoted to developing and practicing healthy vocal technique. Technique includes breath support, posture, and varied vocalizations. The remainder of the lesson time is used applying the technique to a chosen piece of music.

Can I schedule a coaching to work on a piece of music for an audition or competition, or do I have to commit to weekly lessons?
If you have an upcoming audition for a school musical, or want to prepare a solo for something like a regional competition, that would be considered a coaching, and you could schedule as many coachings as you feel are necessary to be fully prepared. An online calendar is available to students to view what lesson spots are open. The student may choose his or her own lesson slots to fit their schedule.

What if I only want to study the voice every other week, instead of on a weekly basis?
There are some advanced students who take a bi-monthly lesson.


What is the best age to take voice lessons?
Although there is no ideal age, students typically range from middle school, through high school, to adult. It is generally not recommended to train as a vocalist earlier than age 10, as one would not want to "push" the natural quality that the very young voice displays.

Do I have to study the type of music my teacher chooses, or can I pick the style of music I would like to focus on?
Because good singing technique could, and should be used, to sing all types of music, the student may work on whatever style is of most interest to them. The teacher is always available to recommend additional choices that might be suited to that particular student's voice and ability.

Also, many people ask me where to buy their sheet music, and I have found a site that I think is
the best source for sheet music here.


However, it is very important to note that this is not recommended for beginning students, as less than half the progress is made. Also, the reiteration and monitoring that comes from being committed to a weekly lesson allows for optimum growth as a vocalist.

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